Essential Oils vs. Antibiotics

Herbs and Spices do that

Plants as Antibiotics?

What kinda hippy earth spirit nonsense is that?

Skeptical? I can understand that, it sounds ridiculous, antibiotics are a proven, scientific, sure-fire way to get rid of… icky things in our body, so, yeah…

In real life, antibiotics are not a cure-all, they are limited in their effectiveness, and sometimes they do more harm than actual good. Sometimes, they do not even do what they are supposed to do. More on that in a minute, stay tuned, Sport.

First, antibiotics were created to treat bacterial infections. Common bacterial infections include:

  • Strep throat
  • Urinary tract infection
  • H. Pylori
  • Staph (pneumonia, wound infection, food poisoning)

Things that are NOT bacterial, but viral:

  • The common cold (sorry)
  • Bronchitis (typically starts with a virus)
  • Influenza (the flu)
  • Rotavirus & other viruses in the gut

So taking an antibiotic every time you have a little sore throat is not doing you any favors, running to doc for a “Z-pac” every few months is not the answer.

What are Antibiotics Doing in Me?

Antibiotics work basically by prevent bacteria from multiplying, causing it to die and go away.

Most are geared to specifically kill of a certain type of bacteria only, but some more aggressive antibiotics, specifically ones used to treat strep throat, can flush out most bacteria in the gut, bacterias we need to digest food properly and survive. A side effect of taking those antibiotics is a deadly infection known as C diff, the most affected being children.

A fun new side effect of our antibiotic obsession has been found to be resistance to them.

Like, we have used them so much for so many things that those shifty bacteria are catching on and “evolving” into super strains that are unkillable with antibiotics. Super.

The Centers for Disease Control are finally discussing threats and dangers openly and honestly, suggesting this year that antibiotics are actually harming more people than helping.

The fairy tale idea that antibiotics are essential and effective is slowly dying out.

Where do Essential Oils Come In?glass bottles cinnamon

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years, dating back to the 12th century in Spain.

It has been recorded that in the 15th century during the largest outbreak of the plague in Europe four vagabonds had been pillaging the dead people’s homes. News of their activities reached the king and he demanded they be caught. When they were captured and a trial held, the magistrate agreed that if the thieves shared how they protected themselves from contracting the plague, they would be freed.

The thieves used essential oils- specifically clove, lemon, cinnamon and thyme.

All herbs lemon on burlap

Essential oils kill the freaking plague, k?

“Modern” medicine is slow to catch on, but in more recent times, studies are being conducted to prove the effects of essential oils against disease and infection.

Study done on E. coli and cinnamon oil

Study done against antibiotic-resistant bacteria & cinnamon, peppermint & lavender oils

Today essential oils are used effectively against bacteria, but also, might want to sit down, viruses…wait, there’s more.

Essential oils are anesthetics,  antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, disinfectants, sanitizers and sterilizers. Like, two can do all of these awesome things!

Those benefits listed above are for the sake of this article, as they relate to bacteria and illness, those are not nearly all of the benefits they provide. Another time we will go over the uses of essential oils  for neurological disorders, mental disorders, nerve, blood, & sleep issues, I can really go on. And I will.

Because I love essential oils, and I believe in them. I use them every day, for everything. And so can you. I implore you to go buy a couple bottle of at least tea tree oil, cinnamon and lemon and make yourself a disinfectant spray. Use it in place of Lysol during cold season and pay attention to the results.

Look into others’ research, medical and not, the proof is in the putting, the research has been done for you, so you might as well try it for yourself now.

First Outside Sale

Last night as I sat on my couch scrolling through a blue website noncommittally as anyone has ever scrolled anything in history, I heard the wish-it-was-more-familiar guitar chord sound of an interaction on my Etsy shop. My heart jumped as I checked it and saw it was a conversations. SOMEONE wanted to know something about me or my products… oh gosh. oh my. oh dear. This individual asked if my fabric spray was in a glass bottle. I was elated. Yes. All glass. And then I was stumped… I had spent so much time on those listings… the photos and descriptions and calculations that… how had I forgotten to mention that they do indeed come in glass? Oh boy. I politely replied that yes, we do bottle our products in glass. all 3 fabric sprays

I refrained from any pathetic “marketing” strategies that flew into my precious new-seller brain… like free everything just buy something first… I typed out the message, spell-checked it 8 times and breathed out as I hit send, satisfied but wary. Who was this stranger? Why would anyone out of the blue ask me a question about anything? I have sat in front of my computer every day & night since launch, checking stats, re-listing items, paying for ads, re-photographing everything and praying. This person had to be a competitor, checking on the quality of product of their … competitor… like I was any threat at this point.

So with that thought to lessen my enthusiasm… I returned to my drab blue website with little hope in my heart to endlessly scroll my night away.

Suddenly the sound of… what.. old fashioned cash drawers opening…? rang through my living room and I squealed like a pig…

my first actual sale

All of this work, effort, tireless dedication and research,endless experiments and prototypes, science experiments and failures…all of this energy spent going into these beautiful products that I love so so much has done its job.

I immediately thanked the buyer and created a coupon code for them for another purchase and got to work creating their order.

In honor of this buyers chance-taking, I am making that code available here to my readers, which as I understand is effectively zero…

Head over to our shop and use the code THANKYOUIRA for 25% off.

Some Things to Consider if You Use Bleach

As a former bleach-obsessed housewife, I felt obligated not only to promote the use of natural cleaning, but to also shed some light (or shade) on some potential serious side effects of bleach. So for starters, here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you are completely protected from it’s extra-“benefits.”

Do you:

•ALWAYS wear rubber gloves when handling bleach?

•ALWAYS wear a facemask when using bleach?

•ALWAYS sterilize after using bleach?



If you have answered no to any of these questions, you may be interested in the following information about this household g0to solution.

Fun Facts:

•Bleach is corrosive, even to flesh.

It corrodes due to it being an alkali, meaning it is a caustic in concentration- caustic meaning it will cause chemical burns. If you get it on your skin, it feels slippery, slimy like soap. That is due to the chemicals in the bleach reacting with the oils in your skin and “saponifying” them, as the same alkaline will react with animal fat to make soap… you are essentially turning into soap.

•The fumes put off by bleach are carcinogenic.

noun, Pathology.

any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer.

When normal household bleach comes into contact with air… regular air in our homes, it creates a carcinogenic gas and releases dioxins. Dioxins are nasty chemicals that … can cause cancer. Sweet.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported thousands on cases of exposures to bleach needing medical attention in 2013 alone, including skin-related injuries and breathing complications as well as the ever ominous poisoning from accidental ingestion, with cases varying by year, some with serious consequences. Another few thousand were reported under “Misc.” “All-purpose cleaners” identified only as alkaline or acids.


If you use this stuff, wear a Hazmat suit and you should be fine.


All-Natural, Chemical Free Fall/Seasonal Fabric Spray

              FALL SPRAY

Help your home become as welcoming and warm as you feel during this cozy time of year with our all natural, chemical-free essential-oil-based fabric & air freshening spray from Black Elk Originals! Creates a cozy ambiance and a festive feel all around. Makes a perfect gift for co-workers, new friends, and those of us who love Fall. 🙂

Why “Black Elk?”

They had forgotten that the earth was their mother. This could not be better than the old ways of my people. -Black Elk

Black Elk Originals name is inspired by the honored Sioux medicine man Nicholas Black Elk. (Wyoming) Black Elk was instrumental in helping many tribal members to a spiritual journey, after having a visionary spiritual experience himself as a young man. Black Elk also helped revitalize Oglala Lakota’s sacred tradition of the Sundance. Many of today’s dancers follow Nicholas’s dancing style he established in the early 1900s. He also fought alongside his Lakota brothers and sisters in Wounded Knee Massacre.

Black Elk has inspired the name of these products in his strength, nobility, honor and tradition of healing and helping.

Why Essential Oils Are Essential

Hi! Welcome to our blog.

As the first blog post, it seems appropriate to talk about the basis of our product. Ooooiilllsssss. Oily oils.

If you are fairly new to the world of essential oils, (let’s just shorten that to EO forever) the first thing you might want to know is… they aren’t oily in the sense that they are greasy or slippery like your cooking oils. They are extracted liquids from herbs, flowers, seeds and other plant parts using both steam and pressing methods. The resulting liquid is a highly concentrated and very potent extraction used for amazing things.

SUCH AS: certain blends of EOs have been proven to kill just about any bacteria it comes in contact with. The more potent in germ and virus-killing ways are cinnamon leaf, tea tree, clove oil, peppermint, lemon/lime. Some of the nastier things these oils are great at killing are MRSA and gangrene, as well as other pathogens, along with fungi and E. coli, bacterial infections on the skin and INSIDE THE BODY.(yeast infections, bacterium vaginosis *gag* bladder infections)

The really cool thing about this stuff is it is so good at keeping our bodies healthy and it all comes from plants. Herbs and flowers and stuff. We know how well it works because people have been using these for HUNDREDS of years. Remember the back plague? Like, everyone died? Well there were these one people who were traveling around and robbing all the piles of bodies of their goods and s omehow not getting sick and EVERYONE else was. So the king or whoever found the grave robbers and told them he would not jail them if he told of how they stayed well. They agreed. OILS. Specifically clove, rosemary, lemon and lavender. The PLAGUE, people, it kills the freaking plague. So say it wise to carry around everywhere a lil bottle of some of this stuff. Buy some EO Spray Those Grave-Robbers Used

Til next time, this is Mrs. Black Elk signing off